Who Is Greer Blitzer On “The Bachelor” Season 27? Meet the woman who got Zach Shallcross’ first rose

The bachelor returned to ABC on Jan. 23 with an exciting night of limousine entrances, champagne toasts, sparkling small talk and — yes, you guessed it — a few tears. 30 women spent the night trying to hook up with season 27 lead Zach Shallcross, but only one lucky one made a first impression worthy of roses: Greer Blitzer.

Those who watched Shallcross meet the first five contestants in the The BacheloretteThe 2022 installment of “After The Final Rose” knows that viewers voted to give Brianna Thorbourne, a 24-year-old businesswoman from Jersey City, New Jersey, a first impression before filming. Thorbourne rolled into the mansion with her rose in hand, which meant she was safe during the first rose ceremony. But Shallcross still had his own first impression to share during the premiere, and after hitting it off with Blitzer, he pulled her aside and asked her to accept the franchise’s signature flower.

So who is Greer Blitzer? The bachelor Season 27? And how did she get Shallcross’s first rose? Here’s everything we know about Greer Blitzer, including a recap of her first night with Shallcross.

Who is Greer Blitzer? Meet the woman who got Zach Shallcross’ first rose

Season 27 contestant Greer Blitzer is a 24-year-old medical sales representative from Houston, Texas. According to Blitzer’s official ABC bio, she’s “a bold, hilarious woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind,” and even though she was born and raised in Houston, she “took a risk and moved to New York, where she loves. living life to the fullest.”

The bio describes Greer as “loyal and confident and looking for a partner who can keep up with her quick wit and big personality. She’s a hopeless romantic and a forehead kisser.” And yes, it has fun facts:

  • Greer loves to shop at flea markets.
  • Greer says she’s never embarrassed.
  • Greer can tell a lot about someone by their sushi order.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Blitzer attended the University of Mississippi from 2016 to 2020. And you can keep up with her off the show on Instagram at @cheerio_greerio, where she has 5,551 followers at the time of writing. (Though this is sure to change later The bachelor It starts in 2023.) He also created a TikTok account on January 19 before the premiere.

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Although Blitzer and Shallcross hit it off early in the season, leading up to premiere night, fan criticism of several of Blitzer’s old social media posts has already started to heat up on r/thebachelor, so we’ll (once again!!!! ) we have to see how this plays out over the course of the season.

Greer Blitzer in his 27th season
Photo: ABC

Why did Zach Shallcross give Greer Blitzer his first impression rose?

During her intro video, which aired at the top of Monday night’s episode, Greer popped open a bottle of champagne and described herself to the cameras. “Who is Greer? Greer is bold. Greer doesn’t take shit. But Greer is very kind,” he said. After petting a stranger’s dog in the park and doing a cartwheel, Blitzer explained, “I love my life, but dating is terrible. All the guys I’ve met I don’t think their intentions are pure and it’s not what I want. I am so happy that Zach is the Bachelor. She seems like a sweet soul. He’s tall and handsome, and I think we could have a real relationship. I could definitely see myself being Mrs Shallcross.’

On the first night at the Bachelor Mansion, Blitzer got out of the limo in a red dress, walked over to Shallcross and gave him a cup of coffee. “Well, I live in New York and I brought this coffee all the way here because we’ve got a long night ahead of us, so you’re going to need that energy,” she told him, adding, “It can be very hot. like you.”

Later in the evening, Shallcross and Blitzer found time to chat and she told him that the speech he gave to the women when he first came in resonated with her. “When you said [I’m] I’m looking for my best friend [and] Your mom was with your dad so long, I was like, “Oh my god.” “Because my parents have been together since they were 25 when they got married, and both grandparents are still together, so I really want a traditional long-term love,” she explained. “When you mentioned that, it really hit me.”

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Blitzer went on to say that her life in New York is very different from her life in Houston, and revealed that she has a soft spot for Shallcross’ hometown of Austin, Texas, because her brother attended the University of Texas. “I know Austin very well,” Blitzer said before saying she wanted to move there so badly as a child that she made a PowerPoint for her family outlining all the reasons why the move would be beneficial. “I’m not saying that because you live there now. My ultimate goal is Austin,” he explained. The conversation not only earned Blitzer a kiss from Shallcross, but earned her the coveted first impression rose.

“It feels really good to know it wasn’t just me. It felt like coming with you and it felt really real,” Blitzer told Shallcross as he pulled the rose aside with his hand. In return, Shallcross told Blitzer that his conversation with her was “one of the easiest conversations” he had that night.
Blitzer accepted the first impression and spilled her Salcross connection to the cameras. “We just hit it off. He is so clear with his intentions. She seems like a sweet soul,” he said. “I kid you not, I felt a firework when I kissed him.”

We’ll have to wait and see how long Blitzer stays, but if all goes well she might eventually move to Austin, Texas.

New episodes of The bachelor show Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.