Who Was Hadis Najafi? Iran Woman Shot Dead After Viral Video Of Unscarved Hair A Video Of Her Funeral Has Gone Viral

Who Was Hadis Najafi? Iran Woman Shot Dead After Viral Video Of Unscarved Hair A Video Of Her Funeral Has Gone Viral

Who Was Hadis Najafi?

There, a young Iranian woman named Hadis Najafi was killed, according to reports.

This happened a few days after a video of Hadis Najafi at a protest went viral on the internet. She was seen pulling her long hair back in the popular video. She was reportedly shot and killed in the country.

Journalist and supporter of women’s rights Masih Alinejad tweeted about her death on September 25. She said that the police shot her six times after she bravely went into the middle of a protest in Karaj with her long hair tied back.

Iran Woman Killed After Video of Unshaved Hair Goes Viral A Video Of Her Funeral Has Gone Viral

She may have been shot in the hand, the heart, the neck, and the stomach. Iran has been in danger for more than a week because of violence. Mahsa Amini, who was 22 years old, had been taken into police custody because she was wearing a “improper” hijab, a head covering that women are required by law to wear. While she was still in their care, she passed out.

Since protests started last week in Iran, 35 people have died. Most of these deaths have been caused by security guards pushing protesters away violently, often with live fire. Euronews says that security workers have also taken hundreds of people into custody.

What Happened In the Incident?

Last weekend, hundreds of people also showed up in London to protest Mahsa Amini’s death. Amini passed away on September 16.

Medical tests show that the young woman from the Iranian province of Kurdistan took several hard blows to the head before she went into a coma. But, according to Euronews, Iranian officials said that she “had a sudden heart attack.”

After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the hijab law was put into place in Iran. Since most Iranian women don’t like this rule, they often tie their headscarves loosely around their ears or let them hang down to their necks.

Euronews says that when the rule went into effect in 1981, it led to large protests that have happened on and off ever since.

Mohammad Hoshr, a lawyer, says that the dictatorship is using violence against protesters to show that it did not use violence before (against Amini). The person talking says that it makes no sense.

He continued, “They (the Iranian government) are going on TV and saying that nobody even touched this woman while she was in jail, but at the same time they are shooting people in the streets.

Did The Government Take Any Action?

Along with other western governments, the UK government has strongly condemned Mahsa Amini’s “death.” However, it has been criticised for not publicly asking Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi about it at a recent UN summit in New York.

Large parts of the Iranian people strongly disagree with many of the country’s rules, such as the one that says women must wear headscarves. Their anger has grown because of their economic problems, especially inflation and a severely devalued currency caused by sanctions.

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