Why isn’t “Last Active” shown on Facebook Messenger?

Why isn't "Last Active" shown on Facebook Messenger?

Like Whatsapp and other social networking applications, Facebook Messenger lets you see when someone was last active on Facebook. This information includes when the person was last seen, when they were last active, and whether or not they checked your most recent messages.

It would be “active 20 m ago” if someone checked their Facebook Messenger 20 minutes ago. If you’ve been using Messenger for a while, you’re probably already acquainted with this function. You can view the user’s active status directly below their username when you enter the chat with them.

If you see a green dot next to their username, that means they’re online on Facebook right now. But what if you open a chat window and there isn’t any activity? The green dot may still be visible, but that is just until they come online. What if the individual isn’t on Facebook Messenger right now, and you can’t check their last saw status?

It’s vital to remember that the Last Seen status isn’t always accessible. You may not be able to view a user’s “last seen” because they’ve turned it off.

So, before we get into how to solve the “last active” not appearing on Facebook Messenger problem, let’s look at why you’re receiving this error in the first place.

Later, we’ll look at a few simple and practical solutions for fixing the problem. Let’s get started without further ado.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger’s “Last Active” Not Showing

There are a few options for seeing the user’s last seen status. Here are the best solutions to fix the problem, depending on why you cannot access the profile.

1. Select the Active Status option.

Try turning the active status on and off a few times to remedy the issue. Sometimes, a glitch causes the problem, making it impossible to verify the progress of others’ activities.

Check to determine whether your last seen active status is still active. That’s because if you don’t have that option switched on, you won’t be able to view someone else’s last seen. As previously said, if you do not enable others to view your last seen, you will not be able to see others’ last seen. As a result, you’ll need to maintain your active status toggled on. Here’s how to go about it:

If you haven’t already, log into your Messenger account on the mobile app.

  • Choose the Account option.
  • “Active status” should be selected.
  • If the Active Status is off, switch it on. If not, try turning it off and on again.
  • In most circumstances, this will resolve the problem. However, if you can still view someone’s last seen, follow these steps to address the issue.

2. Close Messenger and reopen it.

Try logging in and out of your Messenger account to check whether the problem is resolved. Internal concerns might sometimes be the source of the problem. So, the best thing you can do is log out and back into Facebook to check whether you can view the user’s last saw status.