Wolverine & Ghost Rider Just Proved Why They Deserve More Team Ups

Wolverine & Ghost Rider Just Proved Why They Deserve More Team Ups

The X-Wolverine Men’s appear to help Johnny Blaze in the latest Marvel Comics’ Ghost Rider issue, demonstrating that the Spirit of Vengeance and Weapon X need more team-ups. While Ghost Rider thought he had no friends or allies in the Marvel Universe, Logan proved him wrong in this new issue by saving his life. Similarly, the latest comic emphasizes a vital element that both heroes share.

Johnny Blaze escaped a fantasy jail after suffering a mysterious (and supernatural) brain injury in Marvel’s new Ghost Rider series from Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith. While he is still linked to the Spirit of Vengeance, their tie is very shaky, with Johnny hardly remembering what he did after transforming into the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider has faced various ghostly beings while being pursued by the CIA’s paranormal branch while traveling the back roads and small villages rarely visited across America.

In the new Ghost Rider #5, Johnny competes in Hell’s Backbone Rally, a biker race supposed to be held by the Devil himself, who will grant the winner one wish. Ghost Rider isn’t the only notable contender. Black Widow, Moon Knight, Blade, Doctor Doom, Dracula, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, and many other heroes and villains have arrived on their bikes. While Ghost Rider has worked with many of these heroes in the past, Johnny couldn’t care less about them now that no one came to his aid when he needed it. On the other hand, Wolverine demonstrates that Blaze still has allies by protecting Johnny from the terrors of this demonic track.

Wolverine & Ghost Rider

While Ghost Rider appreciates the help (especially with some beast coming from his head wound), the essential thing to take away from this issue is the primary drive that both Wolverine and Blaze have. As Ghost Rider puts it, they’ve both “gone to hell and back,” referring to their equally grim pasts filled with pain and plenty of blood. As a result, how could they pass up the chance to break free from some of the shackles that bind them? It demonstrates how much Wolverine and Ghost Rider resemble one another, indicating that the brothers in arms should have many more team-ups than they already do (like when they were part of the best version of the Fantastic Four).

While it appears that Ghost Rider and Wolverine’s quest has only just begun, the issue’s conclusion reveals that Hell’s Backbone was the work of Blackheart, a prominent demon who is effectively Mephisto’s Son. It’s also hinted that Blackheart is to blame for Ghost Rider’s entrapment and current agony. Let’s hope Ghost Rider’s surprising team-up with Wolverine is enough to hold off the Son of the Devil in the following issues. Ghost Rider #5 is now available for purchase.