Zong Mahana Punjab Offer | Zong Monthly Punjab

Zong Mahana Punjab Offer

Activate the Zong Mahana Punjab Offer, also known as the Zong Monthly Punjab Offer, by dialing *676# and paying Rs 575 to receive 4GB (4000 MBs) for 3G + 4G usage, 3000 SMS, 3000 Zong to Zong Minutes, and 400 Other Network Minutes.

Yes! Through this great bucket, residents of Punjab can now get internet, SMS, and minutes with 30-day hybrid bundles. The current price, subscription, unsubscription, check code, and complete bucket details are all displayed here.

I will discuss the best 30 Days (Punjab) all-in-one bundle for Zong prepaid SIM users. Let’s take a look at the package’s incentives and codes.

Zong Mahana Punjab Offer

You will receive 4GB (4000 MBs) of internet access for one month on your Zong 4G SIM. Yes! This bucket contains many MBs that strengthen the user’s connection to the World Wide Web.

Because the user can receive 3000 SMS to chat with Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, and Warid numbers, the SMS section of this bucket is complete. Furthermore, this package’s minute section includes 3000 Same Network and 400 Other Network minutes. For a quick understanding, we have listed each incentive separately in the table below.

Mahana Punjab offer

Monthly Punjab Incentives

This page contains complete information about (MahanaMonthly Punjab) Offers incentives such as its Minutes, SMS, Internet Data, Price, and Code. As a result, obtain all information from a single table. It is the best source for providing 100% accurate details in a single glance.


1st Name: Mahana Punjab
2nd Name: Monthly Punjab
Total MBs: 4GB
Flat MBs: 3GB
WhatsApp MBs: 1GB
SMS: 3000
Zong Minutes: 3000
Other Minutes: 400
Validity: 30 Days
Original Price: Rs 550
Price Required: Rs 575
SUB-Code: *676#
Check Code: *102*1#

Note: This is a 30 days prepaid bucket.

4GB (3GB Flat + 1GB WhatsApp)

The 4GB of data has been divided into 3GB (3000 MBs) for internet use and the remaining 1GB (1000 MBs) for WhatsApp only. Remember that the MBs in this monthly bucket can only be used on 3G and 4G devices.

3000 SMS (Messages)

You will be given 3000 SMS on the Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, and Warid SIM networks. SMS is the best way to communicate with friends and family.

Same & Other Net Minutes

Essentially, the 30-day Punjab offer includes a variety of incentives, including 3000 same network minutes and 400 other network minutes. These incentives will connect you to all Zong numbers in Pakistan.

Original & Required Price

The Zong Monthly Punjab Offer was initially priced at 550 rupees. However, when the GST, AIT, and FED are applied, it becomes Rs 575 inclusive of tax.

Code & Online Subscription

To activate the Zong Mahana Punjab Offer, dial *676#. It can also be triggered by sending “Sub MPO” to the 5151 code. You can also activate the Zong Monthly Punjab Offer by visiting the “online package subscription” section below.

Click Here

Code & Online Un-SUB

Do you wish to unsubscribe from the Zong Mahana Punjab Offer? It is short and only available through the package menu. Yes! To successfully deactivate the Zong Monthly Punjab Offer, dial *676# and reply 2.

To deactivate the Zong Mahana Punjab Offer, send “Unsub MPO” to 5151, a 100% original and working method.

Check 30 Days Punjab Offer

The question is, “How will the subscriber check the remaining MBs” of the Mahana Punjab Offer? It is simple because you can check incentives using code and online methods.

Click Here 

The Google Play store “Zong App” link will open when you click the link provided above. Install it and use the ZONG official app to check your remaining minutes, SMS, and MBs. On the other hand, you can check the incentives of this bucket by dialing *102*1#.

Facts & Quires

  • Call setup will be used.
  • No additional charges apply
  • GST, FED, and AIT will also be applicable.
  • It is a prepaid (30-day) offer.
  • Get more information about the monthly offer by clicking here.