Zong PUBG Package Monthly Code | 5000 MBs

Zong PUBG Package Monthly Code | 5000 MBs

The best-ever 30-day package, dubbed “Zong PUBG Package Monthly,” has been successfully introduced. This bundle includes 5GB of internet use. The following sections provide all of the necessary information.

Are you looking for a PUBG 30-day trial? Here’s a great deal on a 30-day validity package for only 290 rupees if the answer is yes.

This bundle includes 5GB of internet use. This internet may be used for both the PUBG game and aircraft surfing. Please refer to the table included in the article for further information.

Monthly Zong PUBG Packages: 

This is because they have a long shelf life. You will be tranquil for a long time after activating a 30-day SMS, MBs, or Minutes package. As a result, new users are enticed to sign up for 30-day incentives.

It’s never been simple to play PUBG in Pakistan. There are a few requirements that you must have to play this video game. The internet is one of them, and it is the most significant thing. As a result, activating Zong’s current package will improve your gaming experience.

30 Days PUBG Details: 

Dial *6464# to activate the “Super Monthly” or Zong PUBG Package Monthly bundle by dialing *6464#. This deal includes 5GB of PUBG data. This offer’s official price is Rs 290.

Details of the offer: 

Bundle Details: Monthly PUBG
GBs: 5
MBs: 5000
Validity: 30 Days
Price: RS 290
Subscribe: *6464#

Note: this is a Zong prepaid deal.

How To Check MBs?

The fact that a monthly bundle comprises many MBs over a lengthy time raises the issue. So, how will a regular user know how many MBs are left in this “Monthly PUBG Bundle”? Call *102# to determine how many MBs remain in your prepaid data account.

Additional Add-On:

Additional Add-On: This is also feasible, and you may request an add-on to raise your monthly 5GB bundle MBs. The network will charge Rs 10 per 100 MBs in this case. Please activate the “monthly add-on” service by sending an SMS ‘ba’ to 6464 to boost your MBs. Find out more about “Zong Weekly PUBG,” including the price and code.

Last Words from the Author:

PUBG is a popular game among Pakistani youth. That is the primary reason why every professional athlete, whether at home or abroad, proudly wears the Pakistani flag. The PUBG game has also attracted a large following among young people. In a later piece, we’ll go over this crucial aspect of the game. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Look forward to seeing you.